AAMI is seeking nominees for six director and vice-chair positions on the AAMI board of directors and three positions on the board’s nominating committee. Individuals selected for board posts attend two in-person meetings and two conference calls each year during their three-year term.

“Most board members have served on AAMI committees and have contributed greatly with their time and personal resources,” says Steve Campbell, AAMI’s chief operating officer. “Committee participation not only shows a commitment to the organization—it also provides an opportunity to witness the effective leadership skills needed to serve on the AAMI board.”

Other criteria used to identify AAMI leaders include:

  • Credibility: All board members are well known and respected in their professional communities.
  • Leadership: Board members must  have strong leadership skills that have been demonstrated during substantial AAMI service and contributions.
  • Interest: All board members must members share a desire to advance healthcare technology.
  • Experience: Selected individuals must have served as leaders for other association boards or committees.

The AAMI Nominating Committee will meet in late January to review nominations. Interested parties can apply here.