Appleton, Wis.-based Technical Prospects announces the launch of its Interactive Virtual Training Academy (IVTA) platform for all of its courses, changing how imaging engineers can access advanced training.

Technical Prospects’ virtual training platform gives students identical content to in-person class instruction, offering attendees flexibility to choose between platforms or even a hybrid learning experience. While virtual, the training involves real-time instruction, with various opportunities for audio and visual collaboration. For example, students can interact through their desktop to the class’ virtual whiteboard, share documents, and live stream. The only equipment required is a computer and an app that is free to download. 

“As the needs of imaging professionals continue to evolve, we knew we needed to develop a hybrid system that provides not only an online learning experience, but also a collaborative virtual classroom environment,” says Sam Darweesh, chairman of engineering and vice president of operations at Technical Prospects. “This training format offers advantages in comfort, confidence, and certainty in that students can be assured they will get the most from their training.” 

As part of Technical Prospects’ training program, virtual courses are accredited by AAMI and meet its rigorous guidelines, which include proper instructor licensing and training, maintaining sufficient levels of presentation skills, upholding an appropriate class format, utilizing a tailored approach and customer focus, and more. Students can earn up to 45 ACI-CEUs per class. 

Darweesh leads the training academy. Before obtaining his master’s degree, Darweesh earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and is equipped with 20-plus years of experience as a CT and MRI senior engineer and subject matter expert. Darweesh has provided skilled recommendations to engineers in North and South America and has led major strategic projects on CT and MRI systems across the globe. He is also an adjunct professor of medical imaging, in addition to his collaborations with worldwide major independent service organizations.

For more information on 2021 courses and to view the training calendar, visit or email [email protected].