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Lost in Translation?

It's no surprise that HTM professionals must possess many skills that allow them to perform their jobs effectively. But in this article, biomed and author Joseph Panichello argues that service professionals must also brush up on their interpretation skills. Read on to learn more.

HTM Programs


Striking a Nerve in the Biomed Field

Few things excite 24x7 Chief Editor Keri Forsythe-Stephens more than receiving feedback about something she's written. So when she received several emails within hours of one another regarding her September UpFront column—“Getting Schooled About Education”—her heart soared. But it wasn’t her column 24x7 readers were passionate about—it was the subject: education in the HTM field.

Clinical Engineering Firm Fills Positions Via Apprentice Program

Tech Knowledge Associates (TKA), a national clinical engineering firm based in Orange County, Calif, saw a growing need for trained biomed staff to manage large inventories of biomedical equipment that are critical to the hospitals that they serve. So company leaders brainstormed and determined the best way to address the shortage of trained professionals: establish an apprentice program.

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AAMI Foundation to Expand HTM Scholarship Program

The AAMI Foundation has announced plans to expand the Michael J. Miller Scholarship Program for HTM students. Starting in 2016, the program will award five scholarships of $3,000 each annually to individuals studying to become a biomedical equipment technician (BMET), clinical engineer, or health systems engineer.

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Futurecasting: Three Looming Challenges for HTM

Futurecasting is the practice of envisioning the future of yourself or your team, organization, or broader industry. The Kaiser Permanente Clinical Technology program is in the midst of this process, envisioning a strategy that ensures coordinated, consistent, high-quality, and affordable healthcare technology management across the Kaiser Permanente enterprise.

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