Clarice M. L. Holden, BSE, a recent contributor to 24×7, has joined our publication’s editorial board. Currently a supervisory biomedical engineer at VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, Holden has quickly emerged as one of the brightest new minds in clinical engineering.

Clarice M.L. Holden

Clarice M.L. Holden

In June, Holden presented two sessions at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI’s) annual conference in Tampa, Fla. In one session, Holden explored the benefits of having an entry-level information technology (IT) certification and applying it to interactions between clinical engineering departments and IT departments. During the session, she also provided an overview of some of the basic IT certifications, including CompTIA Network+ and Security.

In another session at the AAMI conference, Holden discussed key ways to attract, screen, and select qualified health care technology management professionals, along with fellow 24×7 board member Arif Subhan, FACCE.

Holden’s membership on the board should elevate her professional status even more. “I’m excited to be on the editorial board because 24×7 is an outstanding publication that brings together so many essential voices in health care technology management,” Holden says. “I’m honored to have been asked and happy to be able to accept a position on the editorial board. I look forward to contributing and being a part of the excellent 24×7 team.”

Recently, Holden wrote a Soapbox for 24×7 discussing her role as a woman in the clinical engineering field. “As a young woman in engineering who’s just begun my career, I have a fresh perspective on the clinical engineering workforce—not that of a totally different angle of the same old story, but born of looking through new eyes unseasoned by experience,” she said.

Her fresh perspective will no doubt be a welcome addition to the 24×7 editorial board, as well.