Valdez BravoValdez Bravo, a well-known speaker at both regional and national HTM events and a frequent contributor to 24×7, has joined the magazine’s editorial advisory board. Currently an administrative fellow at the Portland VA hospital in Oregon, Bravo has documented his ongoing evolution from biomed to healthcare administrator in articles and podcasts for 24×7.

Before joining the Portland VA, Bravo worked at Oregon Health & Sciences University and for the US Army. He is also a former instructor of biomedical engineering technology at Portland Community College. A member and past president of the Oregon Biomedical Association, Bravo has spoken at regional conferences in the Pacific Northwest and will appear at AAMI this year to address how to engage the C-suite, the subject of his most recent article for 24×7.

Bravo’s articles for 24×7 include a December 2013 reflection on his decision to return to graduate school after 17 years in the biomedical profession. Bravo will this summer earn his dual master’s degree in healthcare administration and business administration, and aims to eventually serve as a facilities director.

In his new professional role and in his advisory capacity with 24×7, Bravo hopes to bridge his old world and the new. Clinical engineering departments “need the right people and the right equipment and resources to do the job,” he says, “but also organizational support. Because of my studies and the positions I hope to go into, I can be a feedback mechanism to healthcare technology management professionals.”