Tomball, Texas-based FOBI Medical, FiberOptic Bulbs (FOBI) announced that it has received International Standardization Organization’s ISO 13485:2016 certification, indicating the company’s quality management system for medical lamps and fiber optic cables adheres to stringent requirements.

Incorporated in 1996, FOBI initially focused on serving the needs of hospital biomedical departments, but expanded into other hospitals areas, including respiratory, imaging, surgical, and emergency departments. Biomedical departments would, however, remain a focus of the business—which, officials say, introduced services that provide customers with the means to maximize their technicians’ value and time.

More recently, territorial growth and the diversity of FOBI’s product offerings transformed FiberOptic Bulbs, leading company officials to change the name of the business to FOBI Medical. This nomenclature “more accurately define[s] [us] and our mission in the healthcare industry,” they say.

“We don’t view ourselves as a ‘vendor,’ because we don’t just want to sell you something. We want to be a part of your organization—a partner,” adds Keith Przybyla, president of FOBI Medical.