Citing a desire to diversify the channels it uses to distribute content, AAMI is launching a podcast series produced by Healthcare Tech Talk hosts Terry Baker and Kelley Hill. The episodes will feature interviews with leaders and experts in healthcare technology and will be available for download on the AAMI podcast page and through iTunesTuneIn, and Stitcher.

“We have great publications, we have great educational sessions, and we have great content,” says AAMI President Mary Logan, who will kick off the series with a welcome message and a preview of the AAMI/FDA Summit on Ventilator Technology on Sept 16-17, also the subject of the next episode. “However, people are different in terms of how they want to receive information.”

“We really didn’t feel as if we were maximizing all of the opportunities that we have to disseminate content on subjects people are passionate about. These podcasts are yet another way to help our audience learn more about pressing healthcare technology safety issues that have a direct impact on them,” she says.

Future topics for the AAMI podcast include The Joint Commission’s recent Sentinel Event Alert forecasting changes to the design of small-bore connectors and an interview with Peter Pronovost, MD, of The Johns Hopkins Hospital about the broad effort to prevent tubing misconnections.

For more information, see the full AAMI announcement.