The AAMI Foundation announced on November 6 that it is undertaking a “multiyear initiative” to draw attention to the benefits of continuous monitoring of all patients on opioids. The foundation is partnering with healthcare manufacturers Covidien, Masimo, Respiratory Motion, Connexall, Sotera Wireless, and Early Sense, as well as the San Diego Patient Safety Council.

The National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids, set up by the AAMI Foundation, will hold its inaugural meeting on November 14 in Chicago. Attendees will include patient safety advocates, researchers, medical device executives, clinicians, hospital administrators, healthcare technology professionals, and families “who have lost loved ones to respiratory depression connected to opioids.”

The stated goal of the campaign is “to develop recommendations for how hospitals can overcome the barriers to continuous monitoring of these patients” and “to rally the entire healthcare community behind the idea that continuous monitoring must become standard operating procedure for patients on opioids.”

For more information on the initiative, visit the AAMI Foundation webpage.