Olympus has announced the launch of an automated endoscope leak tester, the ALT-Pro, that it says will prevent human error while enhancing efficiency in endoscope reprocessing.

In contrast with conventional submersion leak-testing methods, the company says, the ALT-Pro’s dry leak testing technology reduces the need for acute observation by highly trained technicians to recognize early-stage endoscope leaks. The new technology is fully computerized, designed to create a highly repeatable endoscope leak testing process for all skill levels.

After attaching up to two endoscopes to the tester, users then simply start the automated leak test process. A built-in RFID reader promotes accurate record keeping and  precise early-stage leak detection by inflating the endoscope based on its specific model. Additionally, the ALT-Pro’s small footprint and optional wall mount reduce countertop clutter.

Other features of the ALT-Pro include an LCD display that includes work flow instructions, test results and settings, a choice between automated (dry) and conventional submersion leak testing modes, and  an electronic export feature that allows for records transfer to a PC for backup or analysis.

For more information on the new leak tester, visit the Olympus website.