Rigel Medical’s new, portable UniPulse 400 defibrillator analyzer offers rapid and accurate performance testing of critical biomedical lifesaving equipment.

The compact UniPulse 400 from Rigel Medical incorporates all the common features needed to perform full preventative maintenance on all types of defibrillators to deliver accurate and time-efficient testing. The lightweight, battery powered and portable unit, which is equipped with a pacer function for comprehensive testing of defibrillator functionality, can be carried around facilities by busy technicians for rapid analyzing all monophasic, biphasic, standard, and pulsating waveforms.

Incorporating advanced measurement technology, it includes dedicated fast keys and can enable biomed test engineers to select the relevant test function in seconds. The tester’s large internal memory and on-board results storage also helps to reduce test time and supports hospital and healthcare teams working towards automated database record keeping systems.

An LCD color displays clear and detailed results while also ensuring the tester is easy to operate with intuitive navigation and dedicated fast keys to ensure a seamless user experience. The UniPulse 400 can be linked to Rigel’s Med-eBase software to enable test results to be downloaded quickly to a USB or direct to a computer-based records storage system.

The UniPulse 400 forms part of the comprehensive Rigel Medical range of world class biomedical testing solutions for healthcare environments.