Summary: Rigel Medical has introduced the upgraded SafeTest 60+, a compact and rugged safety analyzer designed for rapid testing of medical and laboratory equipment, featuring an improved interface and compliance with international safety standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • The SafeTest 60+ offers enhanced usability with a color-coded interface and push-button operation, designed for high-volume testing regimes.
  • The device ensures compliance with international safety standards and provides comprehensive safety testing for various medical equipment, with features like active pass/fail thresholds and automatic warnings for secondary ground paths.

Rigel Medical has launched an upgraded SafeTest 60+ handheld safety analyzer designed for rapid and accurate medical device and laboratory equipment testing.

Compact and Rugged Design

The upgraded SafeTest 60+ is a compact and rugged safety analyzer that is designed to accommodate the demands of high-volume testing regimes. The device offers a color-coded user interface, push-button operation, and fast step selection of test routines. It is available in a wide range of power configurations to suit local and international markets. The tester features point-to-point insulation resistance testing from 100K – 100MΩ with added patient-applied parts testing.

Featuring an accessible and clear user interface (UI), which allows the operator to select the required tests quickly with a single key, the high-performance instrument includes an extensive selection of safety tests for hospital and medical equipment.

The SafeTest 60+ provides basic testing of medical equipment with applied parts, including both patient current leakage and insulation measurement to ensure the electrical safety of medical beds and chairs, operating tables, hoists, infusion pumps, CPAPs, centrifuges, and other similar equipment that do not require patient lead testing.

Compliance with International Standards

The SafeTest 60+ is suitable for electrical testing to ensure compliance with a range of international safety standards, including leakage testing to AAMI ES 60601, NFPA-99, IEC 62353, and IEC 61010. Key features for dynamic testing include:

  • Active pass/fail thresholds during measurement
  • Patient applied parts testing
  • Manual control of fault conditions and tests
  • Accurate high current, low energy earth bond testing
  • Automatic warning of secondary earth/ground paths
  • Point-to-point insulation testing

Advanced Capabilities

To meet the needs of specific types of equipment, the unit also has the capability to carry out accurate ground bond testing to NFPA-99, IEC 62353, and IEC 61010 using Rigel’s high current, low energy test technology. In all cases, full manual control means only those specific tests that are required need to be carried out.

For a streamlined approach to carrying out electrical safety tests, an automatic warning of secondary ground paths alerts users when invalid results occur, eliminating time-consuming re-tests and ensuring correct and valid results are being provided, according to Rigel Medical.