Roots Community,  a not-for-profit organization that helps people struggling with addiction and operating in Blackburn, a town in Lancashire, England, has invested in a new Seaward PrimeTest 100 to test the safety of the electric guitars, amplifiers and microphones among other items of electrical equipment used by the local bands who support its meetings, which are held at different venues across the Lancashire town, with free live gigs.

The tester is also used by team leader Adam Taylor to check the in-service safety of a variety of electric kettles, cookers, dishwashers and microwaves available in the kitchens of these venues, ensuring that they are safe to use by people attending events and comply with appropriate electrical safety regulations. Taylor volunteers to help out and travel from venue to venue to check that musical equipment is safe to use before every gig.

“I had never used a PAT tester before, so the fact that the PT 100 is very simple and straightforward to operate is a great help,” said Taylor. “It’s easy for me to check every electrical appliance and item of equipment quickly and accurately. This is something I really appreciate – it’s reassuring to know that we are complying with electrical safety standards and our insurance requirements.”

The Prime Test 100 forms part of a comprehensive range of Seaward PAT instruments, accessories and software that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical safety duty holders in all workplaces.

Roots Community is a group of volunteers, which has been brought together by Lancashire-based charity Red Rose Recovery. The organization draws on the lived experience of its staff to help people struggling with alcohol and drug misuse, as well as mental health issues, homelessness, offending behavior, and domestic abuse.

“We are delighted that Roots Community has opted for the PrimeTest 100,” said Richard Slade, field sales manager at Seaward. “The charity does some outstanding work in the community and can now look forward to the tester having a significant impact, improving levels of electrical safety at the venues it uses and for the bands that come and play at its meetings.”