BC Group wins sales award

BC Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ken O’Day (right) receives the Rice Lake Sales Award from Jim Gruchalla.

BC Group, a manufacturing, servicing, sales, and testing equipment company, has received Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Award for Outstanding Sales Performance in 2015. BC Group and Rice Lake Weighing Systems have been partners for years, with BC Group serving as a distributor of Rice Lake’s weights and weight sets.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a manufacturer of multiple products, including grip handle and weight sets. According to BC Group, vast iron grip-handle weights are primarily used to test patient scales by service technicians. They come in Class F, 7, and M1 weights.

BC Group offers 26 different weights and weight sets from Rice Lake, each of which has an optional NIST Traceable Calibration and etched serial number. The company also has access to the entire Rice Lake line, so customers can contact the BC Group sales department for help finding Rice Lake products that are not currently posted on the website.

Additional information about BC Group is available on its website.