Dose Tracking System

Jenny Dose Tracking System LLC, Tucson, Ariz, offers the Jenny Dose Tracking System (JDTS), which is utilized to meet the newest standards for dose tracking being implemented in modern radiology, cath lab, angio suites, and nuclear imaging departments. This independent, stand-alone system uses current ACR-NEMA DICOM 3.0 standards to receive or listen for data directly from the imaging modality. If a facility lacks DICOM 3.0, this system will use the local picture archive communication system. The JDTS stores all records on one system, which is administered by the local physicist, chief radiologist, and their QA designee. Using the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise example, the ACR and FDA developed the basic block diagram for a dose tracking system as a foundation to emulate. JDTS utilizes the established ACR-NEMA DICOM 3.0 standards that have been recognized and approved by the FDA. JDTS is fully configured and ready to use with installation and applications training provided.

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Vital Signs Testing Kit

The new Med-eKit Lite from Rigel Medical, Peterlee, County Durham, UK, functions as a comprehensive vital signs testing kit in one easy-to-carry solution. Protected and transported from site to site within a new lightweight and water-repellent sling-style carrying case, the vital signs kit features the 288 electrical safety analyzer and the UNISIM vital signs simulator. The handheld device incorporates menu-driven instructions for operation and test control of all IEC 62353 and IEC 60601-required electrical safety tests in manual, semiautomatic, or fully automatic test modes. The Med-eKit Lite features built-in automated testing and is capable of undertaking six tests, enabling medical device engineers to quickly and accurately undertake NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP, and respiration functionality tests simultaneously using a single instrument. Ease of portability allows the user to transport biomedical test equipment to any test location where all the test data can be downloaded into Med-eBase software for full traceability and data recording.

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SpO2 Functional Tester

Fluke Biomedical, Cleveland, has added the SPOT Light SpO2 functional tester to its ProSim family of patient monitor quality-assurance testing and troubleshooting tools. The ProSim SPOT Light offers a 15-second preventive maintenance test for SpO2 patient monitor functionality. The device is lightweight and flexible with three custom presets designed to make it fast and easy to use. It sets up in seconds to send SpO2 saturation, heart rate, perfusion, transmission, artifact noise, and eight different manufacturers’ custom r-curves to a pulse oximeter or patient monitor at precision ±1% accuracy. A LCD display and three simple buttons make it easy to rapidly change parameters and view each signal output sent to the pulse oximeter at a glance. An interchangeable, long-life battery ensures uninterrupted all-day operation without the need to connect to a power supply.

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External LED Light Source

Lighthouse Imaging Corp, Portland, Me, now offers the L700, an external LED light source, as a companion product to its Endolume endoscope system light tester. This light source, when used in conjunction with Endolume, provides the necessary illumination to enable biomedical technicians, clinical engineers, and endoscope service technicians to quantitatively test the illumination characteristics of the endoscopic system. Biomedical technicians can use the L700 in the service laboratory in place of the OR endoscopic light source for testing light guides and endoscope optical fibers. The new light sources are affordable and include all of the connectors to common endoscope light guides. The L700 uses an LED light source engine, which is less expensive, lasts longer, and consumes less power than the light sources traditionally used in scopes.

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