Handheld NIBP Simulator

Pronk Technologies, Sun Valley, Calif, has upgraded its flagship product, the SimCube NIBP simulator. Users can now interface the handheld simulator with various electrical safety analyzers currently on the market. Safety analyzers can control the SimCube, giving the user the capability to define the noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) simulation and have the collected data transmitted back to the electrical safety analyzer. This provides a seamless integration of the NIBP parameter test results for electronic service records. The new plug-n-play feature of SimCube’s connectivity supports automated test scripts and auto sequences, as defined by the electrical safety analyzer. Custom auto test scripts are supported, enabling users to perform static calibration and leak tests, as well as define systolic, diastolic, mean, and pulse rate values for NIBP simulations.

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Endoscope Quality Tester

Lighthouse Imaging Corp, Portland, Me, has released its third-generation endoscope image quality tester, the Endobench XTB. It tests a wide range of endoscope configurations and provides quantitative measurement data to monitor scope performance. Endobench XTB accommodates a wide variety of endoscope configurations, such as offset and angle eyepieces. This bench-mounted instrument provides a comprehensive set of clinically relevant optical parameters, including image sharpness, image transmission, distortion, coloration, fiber optics illumination brightness and distribution, and eyepiece diopter error. It includes a custom designed opto-mechanical system and software to evaluate and report the parameters that are central to a clinical environment. Adapters and fixtures are included for measuring rigid, flexible, and video endoscopes. With Endobench XTB, scope manufacturers and repair firms can provide customers with a quantitative measure of endoscope optical quality and performance. It features a complete integrated database and meets Joint Commission standards for tracking rigid and flexible scopes in medical equipment inventory, a new requirement for hospitals.

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Medical Imaging Phantoms

Radcal Corp, Monrovia, Calif, has signed an agreement with Leeds Test Objects, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire in England, a manufacturer of medical imaging phantoms, to distribute its product line in the United States. These precision phantoms range from radiography to fluoroscopy, mammography, CT, and dental, among others. Leeds Test Objects first manufactured phantoms in 1955. The UK Health Service (NHS) adopted them for clinical use and the UK Hospital Physicists’ Association approved them as a testing protocol. Designed as routine test objects intended to be used quickly and easily on a regular basis, the phantoms provide an ongoing check of imaging performance, particularly those aspects which are most predisposed to deterioration.

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Asset Tracking Solution

The Plexus Vision asset tracking solution from Conexus Inc, Salt Lake City, utilizes RTLS, pRFID—or passive RFID—and bar code technologies to capture critical asset and workflow data. Plexus Vision provides asset information on what is being tracked, its location, and how it is being used. In addition, Plexus Vision includes business intelligence reports that include asset utility, the duration an asset stays at a given location, and 20 additional customizable reports that aid users in making informed decisions to increase investment returns. Users can view tracking information either in grid or map view. The grid view allows users to filter, sort, edit, and export data. Map view allows users to locate equipment using a geographic map of the facility. Plexus Vision is scalable from a single clinic or department to an enterprise system that allows local users to view only their critical data and gives enterprise managers the ability to view and analyze the entire enterprise.

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