Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, Longmont, Colo, has announced that its accreditation scope recently expanded to include FirstCall calibration services and acoustic hydrophone calibration. The acoustic testing facility will continue to offer mainframe and probe adaptor calibration and repair services for FirstCall ultrasound probe testing units, including FC2000 version 1.2 through the aPerio model.

According to Acertara, it is now the only company accredited to service both FirstCall 2000 and aPerio devices. “This expanded scope further underscores our quality and support commitment to our valued customers,” says G. Wayne Moore, president and CEO of Acertara.

Engineers at Acertara developed the FirstCall system 14 years ago at Sonora Medical Systems. When it appeared that the current manufacturer would phase out support for FC2000 version 1.2, Acertara opted to provide a full range of support services, including repair and calibration.

“We want to make sure that every customer that invested in this technology is taken care of,” Moore said. “By supporting the earlier versions of FirstCall, we believe that users will have more time to transition to newer probe testing technologies as their budgets and needs require.”

The company will also launch a program allowing customers to trade in earlier versions of FirstCall on its recently released Aureon and Active-Z probe testing devices.

For more information, visit Acertara Acoustic Laboratories.