Menlo Park, Calif.-based RapidAI, known for its advanced cerebrovascular imaging, announces the expansion of RapidAI Insights, a unique analytics solution that uses Rapid scan, treatment, and outcome data to enable hospitals and hospital systems to make more informed business decisions, reduce costs across sites, and improve patient outcomes. New and enhanced reports give a deeper understanding of patient journeys and outcomes, team workflow and communication, as well as executive purview into the comprehensive metrics of a stroke practice. 

RapidAI Insights delivers a growing portfolio of analytic reports for multi-site systems and referral networks. It empowers users to standardize and improve processes for stroke care, increase usage, and enable easier data monitoring and security, all while optimizing operational efficiencies.

“Over the last three years stroke care has evolved very quickly. While RapidAI is laser focused on patient outcomes, we have also expanded our offerings to help our hospital and hospital system clients save time and better understand and improve their stroke practices overall,” says Don Listwin, CEO of RapidAI. “In 2020 we launched RapidAI Insights, the first comprehensive stroke analytics solution. Now we have built on that innovation with analytics and reports that reveal critical new metrics of care, workflow, outcomes and efficiency.” 

Expanded RapidAI Insights reports include:

  • Patient Journey and Outcomes Report offers a detailed view into patients’ journeys and clinical outcomes to help drive stroke protocol improvements.                      
  • Executive Report offers an information-rich summary of site-specific information across systems looking to monitor RapidAI system adoption, optimize operational efficiencies, reduce stroke-related costs, and drive better clinical outcomes.
  • Workflow and Communication Report provides hospital sites and systems with reporting and analysis of Rapid workflow product usage to measure the impact on time to treatment, identify trends in workflow and optimize user engagement with the Rapid Mobile App and Web App.