Laurel Bridge Software reiterated its ongoing commitment to enterprise imaging workflow interoperability at the 2014 RSNA meeting in early December. Two of the company’s highly configurable workflow solutions, Compass and Navigator, recently benefitted from numerous enhancements.

Compass automates the acquisition and distribution of imaging studies among disparate clinical imaging and IT systems, ensuring new studies are delivered to the right radiologist or specialist at the right time, regardless of location. The solution ensures that imaging studies are properly identified and associated with the correct patient, originating location, and study description.

Navigator automates the retrieval and sharing of prior imaging studies across various clinical imaging systems, ensuring they are available to enhance the diagnostic process. Compass can also trigger Navigator to ensure the correct prior imaging studies are available to the appropriate radiologist, at the right time, regardless of the location the studies are stored and the location of the originating study.

“We see a trend among healthcare and teleradiology providers, as well as radiology groups, of developing unique business relationships that require a flexible set of (complex) clinical workflows,” said Mark Blair, president of Laurel Bridge Software. “Automating the flow of medical imaging studies across the diverse clinical IT infrastructures these facilities rely upon is a challenge that must be resolved to ensure that high-quality care is delivered in the most efficient manner.”