Hospitals looking to track the real-time location of mobile medical equipment while using Four Rivers Total Maintenance System (TMS) can now experience improved workflows, due to the recent integration with the Versus real-time locating system (RTLS).

The integration, already in use at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham, features a single-source procurement process, where a Versus asset tag ID is entered once into the TMS software. Through a bidirectional interface, the asset is automatically registered within the Versus system to immediately track its location. Versus then provides real-time location updates to TMS, permitting enterprisewide location visibility.

Biomedical and other staff can quickly locate assets through the RTLS location field in TMS, where they also track maintenance and other asset details. Clinical staff in patient care units can view equipment locations on Versus Glance-and-Go boards, displayed as either a floor plan of the unit, or as a list view of available equipment. Inventory control staff may also use Versus’ full-featured par-level asset management software to automate replenishment functions.

Children’s of Alabama uses Four Rivers TMS integrated with Versus to track approximately 3,000 mobile assets, including IV pumps, beds, and stretchers. Biomedical staff keeps track of preventive maintenance, warranties, and recall notifications in TMS, where they also now know an asset’s real-time location.