In response to a cybersecurity alert about imminent attacks on the public health sector using ransomware and other attacks, Virta Labs, Charlottesville, Va, recently introduced a freemium plan, which permits healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) to use its BlueFlow cybersecurity software at no charge.

HDOs can use BlueFlow to identify which devices on their networks are medical devices. Those medical devices can then be moved off networks with connected devices such as laptops and cell phones, which are susceptible to phishing attacks that sometimes are successful because of human error. In the unfortunate event of a ransomware event, an HDO can shut down the affected networks while minimizing the impact on the delivery of patient care. This use of BlueFlow Bronze is now free with Tapirx.

New Tiered Pricing for Enhanced Protection

At higher (paid) tiers, BlueFlow can enhance risk management practices in other ways. The Silver tier includes support and training for Virta Labs’ open-source tool, Tapirx, connectors, and access to integrations with a clinical database, vulnerability scanners, and SIEMs with a server upgrade. At this tier, HDOs can group, tag, and edit asset details. This tier facilitates safe vulnerability scanning by excluding medical device IP addresses from scans or by providing last seen data for medical device utilization to permit preventive maintenance to be scheduled for times when specific medical devices are not operating.

The Gold tier includes Pulse, Virta Labs’ proprietary secure alerts, software and vulnerability communications feed, another server upgrade, and the ability to do sophisticated risk scoring based on risk factors, controls in place, and custom asset fields, as well as the ability to track remediations.

The Platinum tier includes a server upgrade, custom integrations, new APIs, custom reports, and editing user privileges.

To learn more about BlueFlow tiers, including how to acquire this Virta Labs healthcare cybersecurity solution at no cost* or with additional features at a low monthly fee, visit Virta Labs.  

*Terms and conditions apply.