Rusty Carter, VP product management at Arxan Technologies, discusses how medical device manufacturers are adjusting their approach to prevent cyberattacks in Medical Plastics News.

“The good news is that the manufacturers that are developing medical devices are very concerned about patient safety, and as it pertains to their devices, both from a clinical standpoint but also now from a security standpoint. I talk to a lot of manufacturers that are either starting to adopt security controls, especially within the software, or they are asking me lots of questions about the threats that they face.”

Carter also explained that device and hardware manufacturers face a number of IT and software development challenges, and that relying on third party providers in the manufacturing process is a critical element.

With the number of connected devices continuing to rise, Carter feels that nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to their safety.

“The interface between the physical device and the mobile device that is controlling it is definitely a big potential risk because the mobile device, they’re no longer coming from the medical device manufacturer.”

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