Revelstoke Security, creators of a security automation platform built on a Unified Data Layer, announced its strategic partnership with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a cybersecurity solutions provider. The technical alliance between the two companies aims to enhance network security, endpoint, and XDR with low-code, high-speed automation, to empower SOC teams to work more accurately and efficiently.

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Cybersecurity professionals seek to overcome challenges due to talent shortages, increasing adversary sophistication, frequency of attacks, and complexity of the attack surface. The Revelstoke and Check Point partnership helps provide solutions to these key challenges by orchestrating Check Point’s high fidelity endpoint detection, cloud-native protection, and MDR / XDR data, through Revelstoke’s intuitive security automation workflows built-in case management. Current Check Point users are expected to be able to massively reduce the gap between detection and remediation.

“We’re excited to partner with Check Point because they are one of the most forward-leaning cybersecurity solutions innovators around today,” says Revelstoke Co-Founder and CEO, Bob Kruse. “We’re a natural fit because Revelstoke is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in security automation. Together we can turn data into action in a fast, streamlined, and automated way, to help security professionals defend better.”

Revelstoke’s Check Point partnership comes on the heels of recent achievements including announcement of Series B funding, integration with leading AI solutions, and multiple enterprise customer wins in just the first year to market. The Check Point integration is one of more than 100 new integrations planned for 2023. According to Revelstoke, the speed and ease of integrations like Check Point is due to Revelstoke’s Unified Data Layer (UDL), which accelerates the integration process by removing the need to create a new data model for each integration.