Axumin, a new molecular imaging agent co-developed by Siemens’ PETNET Solutions Inc and molecular imaging diagnostics company Blue Earth Diagnostics Ltd, recently garnered FDA approval. Intended to identify prostate cancer recurrence in men with elevated blood levels of prostate specific antigen following prior treatment, Axumin is the first FDA-approved fluciclovine(F)-18 PET imaging agent of its kind.

The imaging agent will be commercially available this month—and initial of Axumin will be underway at certain Siemens’ PETNET Solutions radiopharmacies. Increasingly broader availability is planned in the coming months, however, according to Blue Earth Diagnostics officials.

Blue Earth Diagnostics CEO Jonathan Allis, DPhil, spoke out about the product launch, saying he hopes Axumin will make a “real difference” to patients and their physicians. “Blue Earth Diagnostics is extremely pleased to be working with Siemens’ PETNET Solutions, the leading supplier of PET radiopharmaceuticals in the United States,” he adds. “We both share a passion for PET molecular imaging, and for providing imaging tools to improve patient management.”

Barry Scott, head of Siemens’ PETNET Solutions, concurs, calling the development of Axumin a “significant milestone” in the nuclear medicine industry. After all, he says, it’s the first FDA-approved F-18 labeled agent for an oncology indication, “and being F-18 labeled enables efficient distribution and wide patient access.” He adds: “Through our broad network of radiopharmacies, we are able to increase access to PET tracers, like Axumin, helping healthcare providers to address society’s most challenging diseases.”

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