Varian Medical Systems recently released its ProBeam Compact, an upgradeable single-room proton therapy system designed to enable fully-rotational pencil-beam scanning treatments. The entry-level system is intended to be a cost-effective way to acquire quality proton therapy treatment technology, imaging, motion management, and software in advanced radiotherapy systems.

According to Varian, the single-room proton system can deliver the beam and generate images from 360° around the patient, providing a wide range of treatment options. ProBeam Compact is designed to offer good patient throughput and many integrated image guidance and motion management tools. The company reports that the system’s capabilities can grow over time with the clinic.

The company, which contends that proton therapy is likely to become the standard of care for many disease sites in future, noted that this new platform is intended to minimize the cost and space requirements for deploying a proton therapy system, making the adoption of proton treatments by existing cancer centers more feasible and affordable.

Varian reports that a ProBeam Compact installation includes a space-efficient cyclotron, Varian’s Dynamic Peak scanning technology for intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT), a fully rotational gantry, robotic patient positioning tools, and a comprehensive suite of motion management tools. It incorporates cone beam CT imaging for positioning the patient based on anatomical images with good soft tissue resolution, as well as the option of planning and managing treatments using Varian’s Eclipse and ARIA software systems.

The ProBeam Compact system is operated using the same interface Varian developed for its TrueBeam platform, offering users a streamlined treatment console that consolidates controls for imaging, treatment, and motion management in one graphical, user-friendly interface.

For more information about the company’s proton therapy products, visit the Varian website.