Qualitest, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered quality engineering company, announces that it has won the award for Best IoT Healthcare Wearable Device at the 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Awards. The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes the top companies, people, platforms, and products in the health, fitness, and medical technology market. Qualitest was recognized for its software testing work for wearable Internet of Things devices.

Qualitest provides quality engineering and assurance testing to a wide range of clients, one area being medical devices. For a prosthetic client, Qualitest enabled wearers to utilize an app connected to their prosthetic limb to unlock the full potential of their ankle. The wearer can monitor battery status, make heel adjustments, select, and store up to 100 shoes, and fine tune performance and comfort settings. Qualitest also supported the connected ecosystem for a wireless electrocardiogram.

The medical device connects remotely to publish everyday treatment data of the patient to the cloud over a secure connection. The system now generates an alarm when the treatment is completed and helps with analysis and validation to replace devices displaying erroneous alarms in a timely manner.

“It’s a great feeling to be recognized for our work with several clients for medical IoT wearable devices, which help people live better lives every day,” says Anbu Muppidathi, Qualitest president and CEO. “Contributing to innovation that improves the quality of life of end users is Qualitest’s No.1 goal. We will continue to work toward achieving this goal for all our clients.”