Aidoc, a provider of healthcare artificial intelligence technologies, has inked a deal with Atlantic Health System, one of New Jersey’s leading hospital networks. Atlantic Health rolled out Aidoc’s AI solution to several hospitals within its network, which serves more than half of the Garden State’s 9 million residents. 

Physicians at Atlantic Health will use Aidoc’s AI solutions to triage patient CT scans and receive alerts notifying them of critical situations, such as potential brain bleeds, cervical spine fractures, blood clots in the lungs, rib fractures, and bowel injury, expediting care when every second counts. AI tools help physicians keep pace with increasing demands while maintaining high quality outcomes.

“Radiologists must consider a multitude of data and other factors when interpreting a study and making a diagnosis, ranging from normal anatomy to different disease processes,” said Devon A. Klein MD, chairman of radiology and radiation oncology at Atlantic Health System’s Overlook Medical Center. “Having a tool to assist in these considerations is an enormous advantage in these scenarios. When patients are depending on us to quickly identify areas of concern that may need more immediate treatment, every moment becomes even more precious.”

“We are honored to get the vote of confidence from Atlantic Health System,” said Elad Walach, co-founder and CEO of Aidoc. “With a health network the size of Atlantic Health’s, you’re looking for a platform that can support the entire network’s clinical AI needs, so that patients across the state can receive the same exceptional care. It’s really great to see that New Jersey is making AI healthcare the standard and improving clinical outcomes for their patients.”