Design engineers at Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) share with EDN their design process for developing an open-source “emergency ventilator” with a focus on power solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As COVID-19 spread in early 2020, the global shortage of emergency ventilators was one of the biggest concerns. The increasing demand for ventilators meant they would soon be out of supply, so a team of design engineers at Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) sought to help create a solution to this crisis.

While MPS is not a medical device manufacturer, its engineers and designers are highly experienced with power electronics and motor control. Given the technical architecture of ventilators, respirators and ventilator-type machines, the design team leveraged its expertise to aid the fight against the global pandemic.

This article will summarize the development process of an open-source “emergency ventilator” while demonstrating how power solutions can enhance the development of such medical system designs.

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