Israel-based Inovytec announces that it has inked a distribution deal with Healthsoft to supply the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with hundreds of Inovytec’s Ventway Sparrow portable advanced ventilators every year. The ventilators have also received United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention approval.

“We chose Inovytec due to their ability to quickly meet the UAE market’s needs with high-quality ventilators,” says Ahmad Al Haj, founder and CEO of Healthsoft. “One of the effects of the pandemic was to demonstrate the acute need for high level medical technology to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We are confident that the Sparrow will be able to help every level of the UAE healthcare system in its routine operations due to its flexibility and the quality of the technology.”

Inovytec has created numerous products to increase the chances of survivability for emergency victims and routine medical procedures. Especially notable is its line of light-weight turbine ventilators utilized for respiratory transport and ventilated patient mobility in hospitals. Specifically, the MRI compatible model (3T) eliminates the need for transitions between ventilators during intrahospital transport. 

Moreover, the emergency vehicles model is designed to easily travel in air and land ambulances for emergency ventilation while allowing for an easy transfer to short- or long-term hospital care. And the military model comes with features such as night vision compatibility.

“Inovytec designs its products to meet the highest standards that exceed performance expectations and strengthen every aspect of the continuum of care. When Israeli-UAE relations opened, we were excited to connect with a market that recognizes technologies that are integral to saving lives,” says Angela W. Rabinovich, Inovytec’s vice president of strategy and business growth. “The UAE is expected to make a significant healthcare investment over the next decade and we are proud to provide the Sparrow for the sake of the health of everyone there.”  

The U.S. FDA and European authorities have cleared the entire Ventway Sparrow product line, with all versions of the ventilator being used globally.