PENTAX Medical obtained CE marks for two of its latest solutions, the PENTAX Medical INSPIRA, its new video processor, and the i20c video endoscope series.

The new video processor maintains compatibility with PENTAX Medical’s recent endoscope models[1], and aims to set new standards in combination with the new i20c video endoscope generation.

Compatible with two connection types, the PENTAX Medical INSPIRA video processor allows for upgrading the legacy endoscopy portfolio[1] to the latest imaging standards. This feature aims to extend the lifecycle of each endoscope for improved sustainability, while meeting high standards of modern imaging and visualization.

The processor is controlled via a customizable touch panel, equipped with image enhancement functionalities and 4K image processing.

The i20c generation of endoscopes is designed with ergonomics in mind and a focus on maneuverability, angulation, and handling.

“PENTAX Medical INSPIRA video processor not only upgrades legacy instruments’ imaging capabilities, in combination with our new i20c endoscope generation, it is a milestone for endoscopy,” says Rainer Burkard, global president at PENTAX Medical. “In line with our commitment to continually innovate products, this cutting-edge solution provides a future-proof platform and we are proud of the ground-breaking image quality it brings.”

Featured image: PENTAX Medical INSPIRA Processor. Photo courtesy of PENTAX Medical


1. 90i, i10, J10, 90K and i10c series endoscopes.

Not all models are compatible. For detail, contact your local PENTAX Medical service facility.