mCT-Flowx250With anatomy-based FlowMotion technology, the Biograph mCT Flow from Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, is the first PET/CT system to offer continuous motion PET/CT scanning. The new technology moves patients smoothly through the system’s gantry, while continuously acquiring PET data, eliminating the need for stop-and-go, bed-based planning. The combination of a 78-cm bore and five-minute ultra-fast scanning (up to twice the speed of conventional PET/CT) gives patients a more comfortable exam experience. With Biograph mCT Flow, the user can realize a CT dose reduction of up to 32%. TrueV technology provides a 30% wider axial FOV of 21.6 cm, enabling Biograph mCT Flow to provide a 70% increase in count-rate performance.