The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a non-profit that works to decrease medication errors, has chosen the AAMI Foundation’s Healthcare Technology Safety Institute (HTSI) as a recipient of its annual Cheers Awards for HTSI’s ongoing efforts to ensure infusion system safety.

Cheers awardees must identify a high-risk safety initiative and work toward its eradication based on ISMP’s philosophy and protocol. Results of the campaign must also be disseminated via presentations and journal publications.

Founded in 2011, HTSI targeted infusion pumps for its first major initiative after the FDA found that reports of infusion pump malfunctioning led to 700 deaths between 2005 and 2009. HTSI has since expanded its reach with issues like alarm fatigue and interoperability.

“HTSI is honored to be chosen for a Cheers Award. Our team of dedicated volunteers has worked tirelessly to promote the safe adoption and use of healthcare technology around infusion systems and alarms management. Our overall mission is to ensure that no patient is harmed by healthcare technology,” says Marilyn Neder-Flack, the AAMI Foundation’s executive director.

For more information on HTSI’s work, visit AAMI’s website.