Bethlehem, Pa.-based B. Braun Medical Inc. announces the integration of its Space Infusion Pump Systems with Spok Care Connect alarm management software.

The collaboration is designed to provide nurses with actionable and timely information regarding pump alarms to ensure facility-defined alarms are addressed as quickly as possible. The interoperability is capable of customizable escalations, intended to decrease delays in therapy and alarm fatigue by reducing noise in the care unit. 

“We have effectively partnered with B. Braun Medical Inc.’s wireless Space Infusion Pump Systems to increase efficiencies and streamline workflow-driven communications to improve safety,” says Dave Nuthals, vice president of product strategy at Spok, Inc.

B.Braun offers a full-line of infusion pumps, drug library management, dose error reduction, and interoperability software. Moreover, the company’s products integrate with major EMR systems, asset tracking devices, alarm management technologies, and follow Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise Patient Care Device standards in communication and integration. 

In addition, B.Braun offers Dosetrac®Software that provides real-time data for consistent documentation and recognition of issues that may lead to an adverse event. Finally, company officials say a case study performed by Versus Technology, Inc. shows that B.Braun’s automated infusion platform demonstrates up to 100% drug library compliance and can reduce IV pump inventory requirements by 33%.