Pronk Technologies has debuted a new device designed to improve accuracy while testing infusion pumps. The patent-pending HydroBalance helps maintain a consistent head height for infusion pumps, ensuring constant fluid pressure and eliminating a common source of error during the pump testing process.

Manufactured from durable plastic and hollow aluminum tubes, the HydroBalance consists of a bracket that snaps into place at an oblique angle, connecting a single tube on either side with attached plastic hooks. To use, biomeds connect one hook to a full IV bag and the other to a “ballast bag”—a standard IV bag filled with 10 inches of water—to use as a counterweight. As the first bag drains, the device slowly pivots and draws the ballast bag further down, raising the first bag and maintaining a steady fluid height for testing. When the process is complete, the device folds down into a single pole for easy carrying and storage.

Pronk developed the technology for internal use during testing of its FlowTrax IV pump analyzer, launched in 2013. Since the most common infusion pumps require a fluid height of 20 inches (with a 1-inch margin of error) to ensure proper fluid pressure, biomeds must repeatedly adjust the bag height during testing to avoid declining performance. (According to Pronk, most common IV pumps have a 1% loss of flow rate for every 10-inch loss in fluid height.) By devising a system to keep the IV bag at a steady height, the development team discovered it could improve the speed and accuracy of the infusion pump testing process.

For more information and to watch a video of the device in action, visit the Pronk website.