The Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, N.J., has implemented a smart infusion pump system from Ivenix into its hospital.

The Ivenix Infusion System includes a large-volume infusion pump, portfolio of administration sets, and infusion management software with unique capabilities new to the infusion therapy market.

“Though everyone is familiar with IV pump delivery systems used to administer medications during a patient’s hospital stay, improvements in technology have allowed us to do it in a controlled and measured way,” says Rita Zenna, RN, Deborah’s vice president for Patient Care Services. “This is why we replaced our existing pumps with Ivenix, a state-of-the-art infusion system capable of measuring and controlling medication delivery.”

The Ivenix Infusion System’s adaptive fluid delivery reduces flow and accuracy variability to help improve patient safety. Its patient-centered design benefits patients because clinicians spend less time troubleshooting pumps or resolving nuisance alarms, which simplifies infusion delivery for those providing bedside care.

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to partner with Deborah Heart and Lung Center and bring this innovative infusion system to more clinicians and patients,” says Susan Niemeier, chief nursing officer of Ivenix. “Advancing medication safety and clinical outcomes is critical for a hospital, and we’re honored to support the Deborah Heart’s efforts to protect patient health.”

Additionally, the Ivenix System can seamlessly integrate with Deborah Heart’s electronic medical record and other hospital information systems, further reducing the possibility of patient medication errors.

“We are excited about how the system is designed to prevent medication errors, reduce nuisance alarms and other common interruptions,” says Zenna. “This will have a significant impact on our ability to provide high-quality care and ensure our patients get the rest needed after surgery. We continue to invest in smart technology, and this was a natural next step for us. Our clinical teams are pleased with how smoothly the system was rolled out across the entire hospital.”

Featured image: This Infusion System was built from the ground up to leverage the power of the digital age, enhance patient safety, and fundamentally transform infusion delivery. Photo: Business Wire