In 2021, the U.S. endoscope repair market was valued at $405.6 million, and it is set to reach $990.7 million by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.4% during 2021–2030, according to the market research report published by P&S Intelligence.

The rise in the acceptance of equipment insurance, the existence of stalwarts, and the surge in the incidence of malignant gastrointestinal, respiratory, and colorectal diseases are some of the factors propelling the market growth. 

Within the U.S. endoscope repair market, the flexible category held the major share, of around 70%, in 2021. As flexible endoscopes comprise readily movable tubes, are light in weight, and can be attached to components at the top that can scrape and scratch the tissues under examination, they are used in minor operating procedures. Flexible endoscopes are also more comfortable for patients and provide a greater vision for endoscopists.

Key findings of the U.S. Endoscope Repair Market Report include details regarding various company acquisitions and mergers, regions of the U.S. where the endoscope market is strongest, updates on OEMs in the market, how much the ISO market is expected to grow, and more.

The cost of the maintenance of medical devices is high, which propels the demand for their insurance. Several firms in the country offer medical device insurance to shield equipment users from financial losses in the event of equipment failures, such as Medical Equipment Repair Associates, ProTek Insurance, and CAN Financial Corporation.

To keep ahead of their competition, major players in the U.S. endoscope repair market have engaged in mergers. Some of these players are Endoscopy Repair Specialist Inc., HMB Endoscopy Products, Endoscopy Support Services Inc., STERIS Instrument Management Services Inc., Associated Endoscopy Inc., Medical Optics, Stryker Corporation, Total Scope Inc., J2S Medical, and Agiliti Inc.