Western Medical Center Santa Ana has installed Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc’s Infinix VF-i bi-plane vascular x-ray system with Volume Navigation 3D roadmapping to increase diagnostic capabilities. Western Medical Center Santa Ana is the first hospital to install and use the Volume Navigation 3D software.

Western Medical Center’s new system features Toshiba’s new mid-sized 12” x 12” flat panel detector on the lateral plane, combined with a large 12” x 16” flat panel detector on the frontal plane. The facility can now perform advanced neurovascular interventions as well as peripheral vascular diagnosis and interventions. The system also features a floor-mounted C-arm five-axis positioner.

The Volume Navigation 3D software facilitates the deployment of coils during intervention on a cerebral aneurysm with clarity and precision. It provides 2D and 3D roadmap display modes and allows physicians to fine-tune images with manual controls for device enhancement.