Following several years of utilizing Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc’s RADREXTM-i digital radiographic (DR) x-ray system, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn, has installed two additional systems in the emergency and radiology departments at its recently expanded hospital. Toshiba’s RADREX-i systems allow Le Bonheur to conduct safer, faster, and more comfortable patient exams from head-to-toe.

Toshiba’s RADREX-i is a digital x-ray system featuring numerous automated features, high-resolution imaging, and RexView, a color LCD screen located on the overhead tube crane (OTC), allowing technologists immediate access to review images and determine quickly what is needed for diagnosis. RADREX-i’s automated features include auto-tracking, auto-collimation, auto-program, and auto-center stop, resulting in shorter exams and improving productivity and workflow.