We have been going through a number of power supplies on our Philips IU 22 and IU33 ultrasounds. I have checked around and this seems to be a problem others are having. Any ideas on what to do? This is costing us a lot of money. Thanks for your help!

Power supply models and configurations vary depending on whether you’re dealing with an A, B, C, D, or E cart but, generally speaking, failures are being grouped into mechanical and electronic component issues. Mechanical failures can be the result of systems going portable and temperature induced flexure. Ensuring optimum operation of the cooling, fastener integrity and renewing of the heat sink compound where appropriate should help improve performance. Electronic components, both active and passive would also benefit from optimal cooling. Our repair department finds that a combination of improving mechanics and the quality of replacement components has increased the reliability of our power supplies, reducing the exchange price while allowing the warranty to be extended to 1 year.

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