I have a Sonos 5500 that intermittently loses video to the monitor; the techs claim it has also gone out on the touch panels. Several weeks ago it went completely down with no screens and I replaced a graphics processor board, which I thought had resolved my problems. I ran extended diagnostics and the only things that came up were an acoustic buffer error and PALS failure on the R Theta PCB.

Can the R Theta board actually be the culprit? I thought only calculations were done on this board. Or, do you think I should return my graphics processor board and try another one? If so, it will be the third graphics processor that has been replaced in this machine in the last 18 months.

Your R Theta PCB diagnostic failures would not typically be associated with loss of video. The processor graphics could be a candidate but you are seeing an inordinately high failure rate for this board. The most likely source of this problem would be the system power supply. Intermittent loss of EL panel display outputs would also support power supply issues.

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