We have a problem with GE Voluson 730 Pro. When we turn on the ultrasound power supply, LEDs (six) turn green, no beep is heard, and only the keyboard is lit. Nothing appears on the monitor, the screen remains completely black.

On the third or fourth attempt the ultrasound powers up and the software starts being loaded. On loading the software, a message appears. Even with the message the software is loaded and we can begin an ultrasound scan. The DVD writer is not recognized after a full software load. But once the Sonoview or patient database is called up the system locks up and three messages appear during the restart of the machine. We have used the recovery function with the GE recovery DVD, but the problem is not solved. What could be the problem?

It is very likely that you need a new hard drive and then you will need to perform a software reload. You will need a universal hard disk p/n KTZ196003, a full backup of the system presets, a copy of the system license files, and a bootable system software disk (as well as a backup of the patient archive or Sonoview). The service manual will have the procedure to reload the software. If you need assistance, please contact our technical support department at (866) 900-9404.

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