PCI-GUS-WarmerPCI Medical, Deep River, Conn, has introduced a disinfectant warmer unit for use with its recently introduced 17-inch-long soaking containers for vaginal or rectal ultrasound probes.  The warmer allows users to safely warm high-level disinfectant to meet the minimum recommended temperature. The warmer maintains the temperature of the disinfectant cup approximately 10°F above the ambient room temperature. An indicator light will remain illuminated to show that the unit is turned on.

“The disinfectant warmer was developed after several customers asked us for a way to maintain the temperature of their high-level disinfectant,” said Kathy Willard, PCI sales manager. OPA and hydrogen peroxide require a soak temperature of 68°F during a manual disinfection, while glutaraldehyde requires 77°F.

Two disinfectant warmer models are available. The AC-COZEE is designed to fit the earlier GUS Disinfection Soak Station models, using the new 17-inch containers. A three-spring support secures the warmer into place.  The AC-COZEE-L is designed for use PCI’s disinfection soak stations.