Toshiba demonstrated the benefits of its Aplio 500 Platinum ultrasound system—which recently received FDA approval of ultrasound contrast for characterizing liver lesions in adults and pediatrics—at the International Contrast Ultrasound Society Bubbles Conference, which took place from September 8-10 in Chicago.

The Aplio 500 Platinum ultrasound system delivers clinical imaging technology to enable advanced visualization, quantification, and intervention. When combined, the company’s Aplio 500 Platinum and Aplio 300 Platinum systems provide a contrast imaging package that enables clinicians to determine perfusion dynamics in numerous clinical settings.

“Toshiba’s Aplio 500 Platinum ultrasound offers a comprehensive and integrated technology package that allows clinicians to make diagnoses with confidence,” says Stephanie Wilson, MD, co-president of the International Contrast Ultrasound Society. “The system offers excellent resolution and image quality with a complete suite of tools to perform contrast-enhanced ultrasound, spectral, and color Doppler or elastography. This allows clinicians to evaluate the entire patient.”

Steven Feinstein, MD, who is also co-president of the International Contrast Ultrasound Society, adds: “Contrast-enhanced ultrasound provides clinicians with clearer images so they can diagnose accurately, which reduces the need for additional and expensive exams like CT or MRIs. There are long wait times to get a CT or MRI exam, and contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging helps patients get a diagnosis faster, often within 24 hours.”

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