E-Cube 15 EXSonoDepot, an exclusive distributor and service provider of Alpinion ultrasound systems in Florida, Colorado, and western North and South Carolina, has announced the release of the newest system in the E-Cube series, the E-Cube 15 EX.

According to SonoDepot, the E-Cube 15 EX has specialized transducers intended for general imaging, women’s health, and cardiology. The new transducer technology is said to reduce exam time and patient discomfort while helping visualization of fine details with high resolution. Considered to be an asset early in the first trimester and in gynecological exams, the endovaginal transducers (EV3-10X, EC3-10X) yield a wide angle—a maximum field of view of 230 degrees—providing more anatomical information in a single view.

With automation tools for fetal and cardiac monitoring, the E-Cube’s durable, ergonomic system was also developed for investigation of the vascular system, small body parts, and musculoskeletal exams. The 3D/4D image quality is achieved by combining Live HQ and anatomical realism, a movable light source, and Alpinion’s single crystal acoustic technology. The E-Cube 15 EX allows for real-time scanning and customization options, while the touchscreen and application-focused exam presets create a more intuitive user experience.

For more information about the E-Cube 15 EX, visit the Alpinion website. A July 7, 2015 article in 24×7 also provides more details.