To achieve a shared goal of providing medical practitioners with robust, high-fidelity ultrasound training and assessment tools, Laerdal Medical has joined forces with SonoSim Inc. According to announcements from both companies, the results of their collective effort were on display during the International Meeting of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in New Orleans on January 11, 2015. Their first joint product is a tool that has been designed to expand ultrasound team training using simulation.

“The IMSH conference showcases the latest and greatest in medical simulation technology and educationwe fully anticipate a strong response from the medical community with the announcement of our new joint product with SonoSim,” said Alf-Christian Dybdahl, business unit director of Laerdal Medical.

The partnership between Laerdal and SonoSim, which was first announced in September 2014, includes a wide-ranging agreement regarding distribution, product development, and collaboration on research and development. Since the initial announcement of their partnership, the 2 companies have been working together on new integrated simulation training tools, with the end-goal of providing a realistic educational ultrasound simulation product.

For more information on their joint projects, see the press release on the Laerdal Medical website.