Summary: GE HealthCare has launched the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 ultrasound systems, integrating AI, advanced tools, and ergonomic design to enhance diagnostics in women’s health. These systems expedite exams and improve accuracy through AI-driven features like voice control and automated measurements.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new systems significantly shorten exam times through automation.
  • They incorporate cutting-edge AI to boost diagnostic precision and confidence.

GE HealthCare announced the launch of the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 ultrasound systems, which comprehensively integrate artificial intelligence (AI), advanced tools, and an ergonomic design to reduce exam time for clinicians while delivering a clearer picture of various conditions impacting women’s health. These latest systems are designed to combine high-performance hardware with scalable software to help increase clinicians’ confidence in their diagnostic and treatment determinations.

AI-Enabled Efficiency in Women’s Health Care

To help address patient demand and reduce staffing burdens, AI-enabled ultrasound technologies can help support a clear, quick, and accurate diagnosis for clinicians. The latest AI-powered capabilities on the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 enable a number of efficiencies across women’s health care settings including:

  • The new “Hey Voluson” feature allows users to operate the system using voice commands, saving time and keystrokes.
  • SonoLyst, a suite of tools that leverage AI to identify fetal anatomy seen on standard views, then automatically annotates and measures where applicable, and can reduce time to complete standard International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) second trimester exams.
  • SonoPelvicFloor simplifies assessments of the pelvic floor and speeds up exams by automating plane alignment and measurements.
  • Fibroid Mapping uses AI to standardize and streamline fibroid documentation by mapping, measuring, and classifying fibroids.
  • fetalHS simplifies and speeds fetal heart assessments by up to 48% by providing step-by-step, AI-driven guidance to help identify normal fetal heart anatomy.

Flexibility and Mobility with New Wireless Workflow

In addition, a flexible wireless workflow is now a possibility with the integration of Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe with the new Voluson Signature systems, allowing for a wider range of motion because it is cable-free.