Carestream Health will display its CARESTREAM Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine convention being held March 25-29 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Both premium systems are designed for general diagnostic imaging use in radiology.

“Sonographers and patient care providers appreciate the advanced technologies offered by our ultrasound platform that enable better views of moving anatomical structures and improved visualization of small structures and contrast differences in tissue,” says Helen Titus, worldwide marketing director for x-ray and ultrasound solutions at Carestream. “Wireless connectivity provides rapid image transfers to PACS, RIS, and other systems.”

Carestream’s systems seek to eliminate the limitations of traditional Doppler ultrasound by visualizing and measuring velocity even when flow is perpendicular to the acoustic beam. The resulting measurements are angle independent, which can create greater accuracy. This technology also visualizes blood flow in all directions—including axial and transverse—to provide more comprehensive information about hemodynamics for use in diagnosis.

The platform’s advanced SynTek Architecture simultaneously provides enhanced spatial detail with increased frame rates for improved visualization of moving structures while optimizing image formation to reduce noise and artifacts. By combining information independently obtained from multiple transmissions, this architecture synthesizes a transmit beam that is narrow not only at a single point or region in the image but over the entire spatial area, which leads to higher image quality.

Carestream offers 13 transducers that address radiology, ob/gyn, musculoskeletal, and vascular imaging requirements. A direct transducer interface to the ultrasound processing board delivers lower noise and higher image quality, and four transducers can be connected simultaneously to any of the system’s four ports. A novel single touch of a button on the transducer allows freezing, storing, and printing of images.

The Touch Prime XE is capable of frame rates in excess of 100Hz while maintaining enhanced imaging detail, and includes optional features such as a DICOM package, barcode and RFID badge readers. An integrated gel warmer delivers added convenience and patient comfort.

The Touch Ultrasound platform’s design features a sealed, all-touch control panel that combines the speed and flexibility of a soft user interface with the tactile feedback of traditional keys. Etched marking for primary controls equips the user to easily locate key functions without looking away from the image display monitor.

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