With its debut this month of the Aquilion ONE Family, Toshiba America Medical Systems says that “healthcare providers now have a scalable top-tier CT solution.”

The Aquilion ONE Family includes three systems: Aquilion ONE 320, Aquilion ONE 640, and Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition. The company states that the set of products expands the range of patients and diseases that can be diagnosed with cost-effective CT imaging.

Aquilion ONE 320 covers 8 cm of anatomy in a single rotation using 320 slices and 0.35-second rotation speed. The Aquilion ONE 640 can image entire organs like the heart and brain in a single 640-slice rotation, covering 16 cm. The ONE ViSION Edition includes all the capabilities of the Aquilion ONE 640 and can accommodate even more patients, particularly those with high heart rates, with its faster 0.275-second rotation and more powerful 100 kW generator.

All three systems feature 0.5-mm slices and a 78-cm bore. They come standard with a complete suite of dose reduction technology.

Read more about the Aquilion ONE product line on the Toshiba website.