Toshiba Medical recently introduced its newest MR system, the Vantage Titan/Zen Edition 1.5T, aiming to deliver a quieter and more comfortable MR exam for every patient. The Zen Edition prioritizes intelligent work­flow and patient comfort, providing a complete clinical offering to help clinicians make accurate diagnoses.

The new system features several patient comfort tools, workflow enhancements and new clinical applications. Pianissimo Zen prioritizes patient comfort, making scanning even more quiet by reducing sound during acquisition by 99%. Multi-echo T2 Mapping takes cardiac workfl­ow one step further. T2 maps with Toshiba Medical’s updated FFE2D mEcho sequence can be used in quantification and analysis of myocardial iron overload. Furthermore, T1 mapping that utilizes Modified Look Locker Inversion sequence allows providers to acquire a more quantitative characterization of myocardial tissue within a single breath hold.

Other features include Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery, which provides improved contrast in late-enhanced imaging and eliminates the need for calibration, allowing cardiac exams to be completed with fewer breath holds and greater patient comfort. Ultrashort Echo Time captures images in tissues that generally disappear too quickly for accurate MR imaging, enabling imaging of anatomy such as the MSK and lungs to help providers obtain more information to diagnose and treat their patients. Lastly, EasyTech standardizes workflow with automatic positioning while delivering consistent image quality.

“Toshiba Medical puts customers first by delivering advanced technology with patient-friendly features, so they can provide exams that are quiet, comfortable and faster,” says Dominic Smith, senior director of CT, PET/CT, and MR business units at Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. “The Zen Edition software includes enhancements to a comprehensive suite of innovative clinical applications, intelligent technology and an intuitive user interface that increases efficiency and workflow.”