Toshiba America Medical Systems recently introduced a MR theater that provides patients with a more relaxing environment. This technology provides a virtual experience for patients, which encourages them to relax and remain still—and that helps clinicians to secure efficient, high-quality images.

The new MR theater is available on Toshiba’s Vantage Galan 3 Tesla(T) and Vantage Titan 1.5 T/cS edition. It uses virtual reality to project peaceful images onto a dome-shaped screen within the bore. The visual experience helps patients relax, since the images move with the patient table for ongoing display.

The system also leverages the company’s Pianissimo quiet-scan technology to help cut down on acoustic noise during the MR exam. Patients can also listen to in-ear audio as part of a multisensory experience.

“Toshiba Medical’s new MR theater helps our customers address some of the biggest challenges they face with MR imaging, claustrophobia and patient anxiety,” says Dominic Smith, senior director of the CT, PET/CT, and MR business units at Toshiba America Medical Systems. “By putting patients at ease, clinicians can complete MR exams quickly and capture the high-quality images they need for accurate diagnosis and treatment, all while increasing patient satisfaction.”

For more information about this MR theater, visit Toshiba America Medical Systems.