South Carolina’s Greenville Health System (GHS) recently inked a deal with Agfa HealthCare for its Enterprise Imaging platform. This technology will allow GHS to connect its facilities with patient imaging and textual data across the state of South Carolina.

With Enterprise Imaging, the health system will be able to consolidate medical images and information and streamline hardware and storage capacity while eliminating data silos and strengthening data security. GHS had an existing relationship with Agfa for medical image management, but is migrating to Enterprise Imaging to not only upgrade its capabilities and replace other vendor’s products, but to provide better communication between healthcare providers all along the patient care continuum.

GHS purchased the entire suite of Enterprise Imaging technologies, which include (among others):

  • Enterprise Imaging Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA): Consolidates imaging data from multiple systems, departments, facilities, and vendors into a central clinical data foundation
  • Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology and Radiology
  • Enterprise Imaging Exchange: Allows secure, transfer of patient studies.
  • XERO® universal image viewer: Provides secure access to Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and non-DICOM imaging data from different departments and multiple sources, in one view, to clinicians inside and outside of the hospital

“Our immediate need was to replace a legacy storage archive system,” says Rich Rogers, chief information officer for Greenville Health System. “Rather than solving just that problem and buying only a VNA, we stepped back and took a broader perspective in consideration of patient care operations, organizational growth, and strategic support of our population healthcare model.”

He adds: “Consolidating all of our medical imaging IT systems on a single platform solution that could scale, enable greater clinical efficiency, and reduce cost was the right decision for us.”

For more information about these technologies, visit Agfa HealthCare.